Thea Gilmore

22nd July 2009

Thea Gilmore is an amazingly talented singer songwriter and I have been a big fan of her music for about 10 years. She has just launched a brand new subscription website called 'Angels in the Abattoir' so we stole a couple of hours one afternoon last week to take some shots for the new site.  For more details or to sign up click here


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23rd July 2009

Julie Matthews

The Lens is great but its the eye behind it that is seeing these amazing shots. Well done K. x

23rd July 2009


That last pic is the best one I've seen of Thea EVAR! Stunning.

23rd July 2009

Jane Mahon

Great photos - as always. I bet Thea was very pleased with them. As Julie said, its the eye behind the camera and the lens that counts. xx

26th July 2009


Kirstie, these shots are great - they are the most natural pics of Thea I have seen ever I think. Nice one! Liz x

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