Sunday Times & MOJO articles - Thea Gilmore

22nd August 2010

Well how excited was I when I found out about a great Thea Gilmore interview in the Sunday Times today?  Her new single "You're the Radio" is released today.  It has had amazing reviews and been on Radio 2's 'A list' for a week now!.  It's a fantastic song and I urge you all to download it from itunes or Amazon.  I was even more chuffed to find out that they used one of my images of Thea for the first page of the Music section of the paper!  Shame there was no credit, but that's the national press for ya!

Earlier this month, in the August edition of MOJO magazine, there was a small article on the making of Thea's new album 'Murphy's Heart' released on 30th August - again using one of my images!  Have a listen to the single and the album and if you like it, buy it and support Thea, she deserves to have a shot at the charts!

Thea Gilmore article in MOJO August 2010


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Sunday Times Culture - Thea Gilmore

30th December 2009

If you are a regular reader of the Sunday Times, you may have noticed in the Culture section on 20th December 2009, a four star review of Thea Gilmore's latest album 'Strange Communion'.  It was CD of the week and featured alongside reviews of Christmas albums by The Beatles, Tori Amos, Neil Diamond & Jethro Tull.  They even chose one of my images of Thea to accompany the review!  Just a shame they chose not to credit me for it!  Here it is anyway and you can also check it out online

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5th January 2010

Steve Butler

Absolutely gorgeous! The subject; the photography; the photographer! x

The Arts Desk - Thea Gilmore

4th December 2009

You may remember my blog post back in July when I did a shoot with Thea Gilmore for her 'Angels in the Abattoir' project.  I was contacted by her record label, Fulfil Records, about a month ago as they wanted some of the images from that shoot for promotional purposes.  I'm really pleased to say that they have appeared today on a website called to accompany a great interview with Thea about her new album 'Strange Communion', current tour and her life in general!.  Check it out and if you can make it to any of the remaining dates on her 'Wintertide' Tour, get yourself a ticket quick, they're selling out fast! 


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Thea Gilmore

22nd July 2009

Thea Gilmore is an amazingly talented singer songwriter and I have been a big fan of her music for about 10 years. She has just launched a brand new subscription website called 'Angels in the Abattoir' so we stole a couple of hours one afternoon last week to take some shots for the new site.  For more details or to sign up click here


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23rd July 2009

Julie Matthews

The Lens is great but its the eye behind it that is seeing these amazing shots. Well done K. x

23rd July 2009


That last pic is the best one I've seen of Thea EVAR! Stunning.

23rd July 2009

Jane Mahon

Great photos - as always. I bet Thea was very pleased with them. As Julie said, its the eye behind the camera and the lens that counts. xx

26th July 2009


Kirstie, these shots are great - they are the most natural pics of Thea I have seen ever I think. Nice one! Liz x

The Urban Folk Quartet

15th June 2009

The Urban Folk Quartet (UFQ) are Joe Broughton on guitar, fiddle and mandolin, Paloma Trigas on fiddle, Tom Chapman on percussion and Frank Moon on guitar and oud.  I took some shots during their debut performance at Huntingdon Hall and then managed to drag them off down by the river to take a few fun relaxed portraits before they all went off for a well deserved beer or two!  They are off to Italy for a couple of Festivals this summer and are touring in this country in November so check them out - you won't be disappointed!


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