Peckforton Castle

29th May 2009

Matt woke up on his birthday to beautiful sunshine so we decided to make the most of it and have a day out.  We visited Peckforton Castle which is a pretty impressive building and I could see why it's a popular venue for weddings.  It has Birds of Prey and some beautiful Peacocks that I just had to photograph.  It was a shame that their feathers were not on display perhaps due to the fact their weren't any female Peahens around for them to show off to.  Humans just aren't worth the effort obviously!


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Baby Darcey

28th May 2009

After surviving a serious car accident on the M6 in September 2007, I very quickly realised how amazing people can be when you need them the most.  Matt and I were very lucky to have a supportive family and an amazing bunch of friends that have helped us on our road to recovery and the staff at Coventry Hospital, (where I spent 6 weeks getting better), were also fantastic.  I am pleased to have kept in touch with some of those people.  Angela Fox, who was the sister on the ward, did so much more than just her job and really got me through those 6 weeks when I was confined to a hospital bed.  Whenever I'm down in Coventry having a check up I try and  catch up with the staff on the ward and this time I was very excited to be able to visit Angela at home and meet her new baby Darcey.  She is beautiful and very cuddly and I just had to get a couple of shots of her while I was there.


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Rejoice the Voice

25th May 2009

I love listening to live music and Chris While & Julie Matthews have to be my favourite act.  They have such beautiful voices, they are amazing songwriters and they have a positive energy on stage that makes their audiences come away feeling uplifted and on top of the world.  I have become close friends with Chris & Julie over the years and have met some wonderful people through knowing them.  I've been taking live shots of them for several years now and I'm pleased to say that they now use a lot of my images on their website. 

One of their many projects throughout the year is called Rejoice the Voice.  This is a 'sing out' vocal workshop for women that they do with Helen Watson - another favourite singer of mine.  'Matthews, While & Watson' have released an album this year called 'Bare Bones' to coincide with the workshops and the album sleeve shots were taken by me!  Here is a shot of the album cover and a few photos that I took at the first workshop in Poynton on 16th May.  The workshops are ongoing during weekends until 5th July up and down the country.  If you fancy having a sing with a big group of women and three professional singers - check it out  - and don't worry, you won't have to sing on your own!  Follow the link above or from the While and Matthews website.


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